Thirty seven UK food retailers and manufacturers saved 53 million road miles over the past year through collaboration – the equivalent of removing 900 Lorries from Britain’s roads or conserving 26 million litres of diesel fuel per year. This is a result of the Institute of Grocery Distribution’s collaboration initiative for sustainable distribution. Now that’s what I call green collaboration!

Tesco’s Wine Train

Tesco and its wine importer, JF Hillebrand, collaborated to take wine off the road and onto rail. The two companies have initiated a daily block train, dubbed “The Wine Train”, which runs between Tilbury docks and Tesco’s distribution centre in Daventry. They have removed 740,000 miles from the busy M25 and M1 motorways. Massively contributing to green collaboration.

The next phase of the project will involve using the train on its return trip to transport products from Tesco’s East Midlands distribution sites to its South Eastern distribution sites.

Kimberly-Clark and Kellogg

The two companies’ collaboration efforts have reduced carbon emissions equivalent to 270,000 road miles. The partnership started on small order deliveries in the South of England and will expand to the North of England and Scotland this autumn. Trucks are filled to maximum capacity, reducing lorry loads to smaller retailers and taking empty Lorries off the road.

Sainsbury’s & Organix

This initiative has resulted in a reduction of 200,000 miles a year across both transport fleets by introducing better vehicle utilisation between baby food supplier Organix’s factory and a nearby Sainsbury’s depot.

Asda & Unilever

Transport collaboration between the two companies has helped take 50,000 miles off the road by sharing transport of health & beauty brands such as Dove, Lynx and Sure between the companies’ distribution centres.

Nestlé & United Biscuits

Nestlé UK delivers over 15 loads each day from its factories in the north of England to its Distribution Centre in the Midlands. Only 80% of these loads could be tied to a return journey so two or three trucks each day would return empty. They discovered that United Biscuits were running empty trucks from close to Nestlé’s factories in the North to the Midlands.

After a collaborative effort United Biscuits trucks now collect a load of Nestlé products each day thereby lessening road miles and boosting green collaboration!

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