At the recent Gartner “Digital Workplace” Summit in Orlando, Huddle co-founder Alastair Mitchell joined Keolis CTO, Dirk Schniedermeier, on stage to discuss how the role of IT is changing as enterprises adopt SaaS and cloud-services across their businesses.

Here’s three things that we learned:

  1. When deploying new solutions, engage end-users as early as possible

The dynamics have changed. Users are now driving IT decisions and SaaS has made it easier than ever to hit the ground running with a tool that meets their needs. “IT departments can no longer throw mandated tools over the fence to users. Engaging the user at an early stage [to bring them best-of-breed solutions] is the key to the successful adoption of any new enterprise tool,” explained Dirk. “You have to value every department’s input; that’s how you grow adoption.”

  1. Embrace the change

IT departments can often view cloud-services as job-killers. That’s the wrong attitude says Dirk. “If I feared the cloud it would be like the librarian fearing the Internet. It’s unstoppable. If you are interfacing with a cloud-service you still have a need to maintain the overall architectural security that the company has set. Giving IT teams control of that quickly brings them around.”

  1. Break ties with legacy tools  

If users can’t collaborate easily, they won’t collaborate at all. Today’s enterprise is virtual, collaborative and it includes customers, partners and suppliers, yet most enterprises are built on legacy technology designed to keep information in and third-parties out.  “Email is not a collaborative tool. In years to come, attaching a document to an email and sending it to multiple people for review will seem ridiculous,” says Alastair.


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