There are those who claim that salaries are the biggest expense in running a business. I disagree. You get a return on that particular investment.

Offices on the other hand drain your bank account. The benefits of having an office? Sure it provides a place to work & you have some company. But so does your home, a coffee shop, a co-working space, or a trillion other places.

In many knowledge centric industries very few businesses, not to mention freelancers, actually need an office. Need as in my-business-goes-under-if-I-don’t-have-an-office sort of way. Client meets? If a coffee shop won’t do, then rent a space for a few hours. It’ll be cheaper than the rent, utilities and maintenance of a traditional office.

And if you have an office? Get rid of it.

The funny thing is that people often communicate better when they have to make an effort. As in having a focused chat on Skype, or meeting for 30 minutes to run through the coming weeks big topics.

People in offices communicate too, and the general social banter is nice, but is milling around the hallways effective? Does it make people love their jobs more, and thus serve the clients better? Nope.

While having an office space is usually down to three things (preference, client expectations and practicalities) at least it is easier to cut costs in tough times by working out of a spare room or your local coffee shop.

But, yes, dragging the 24″ screen to Starbucks in the morning is a bit of a hassle. So go on, consider, what are your benefits of having an office?

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Web Strategist Jaan Orvet has a passion for good user experiences and improving the way people collaborate.

He believes the way we work and the tools we use all affect our final deliverables. He wants to cut out complexity, do away with ‘extras’ and turn a blind eye to ‘feature rich’ in favour of clarity and simplicity.

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