We’re thrilled that so many of you have installed the Huddle Workspaces application on Linkedin, Xing and Ning. Social media like blogs and Twitter let us know what you’re using them for, what’s working well and what needs to be improved. We’re constantly updating the Huddle workspaces application, though, and will continue to add in more features over the coming months!

When we built the Huddle Workspaces application we designed it to be a lightweight add-on to the main Huddle.net site that anyone could add to their profile and start using straight away. We also wanted to make it really easy for casual users to ‘graduate’ to the full Huddle.net experience and let existing users sync the Workspaces app with their Huddle.net account. In this post I’ll explain how (and why!) to do both.

Graduating up to Huddle.net

Our main application, available at http://my.huddle.net/ (or, if you want to try out all the cool new stuff we’re building, http://beta.huddle.net/) provides all of the great features in Huddle Workspaces you know plus so much more! Here is some of the great stuff you can do on Huddle.net:

  • Files: Set up multiple folders with different access permissions, view old versions of files, see the complete audit history of actions taken, move files between workspaces
  • Whiteboards: A really simple place to collaboratively work on text and ideas.
  • Basically a lightweight wiki for people who don’t like wikis!
  • Tasks: Create tasks and milestones for your projects; assign them to individuals or groups and mark then complete as they’re done
  • Discussions: See all the discussions from Huddle Workspaces but with even more admin control!
  • Meetings: Arrange meetings with people in your workspaces, add Huddle’s free teleconferencing and web conferencing
  • People: Put people in your workspaces into groups to assign permissions and roles
  • Branding: Make Huddle look like your own system with your branding and colours (and even your customer / partner logo in each workspace!)

* Enterprise-only feature

You can easily access the full Huddle system right from within the familiar Huddle Workspaces application. Look for the Get More icon in the header or the Go to my.huddle.net link to get started – you’ll be taken to Huddle and asked to provide a username and password (so you can log in via http://my.huddle.net in the future). You only need to do this once – next time you click on either link you’ll be logged straight in!

Linking your Huddle.net Account

If you already have a Huddle username and password you can link your main account with Huddle Workspaces letting you see all of your activity, files and discussions within your favourite social network! Simply click the Link existing Huddle.net account link in the header and provide your username & password. If you don’t have a username and password yet you can signup directly at http://www.huddle.net or follow the instructions above to signup via the Huddle Workspaces application.

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