Two of the biggest trends in working life over the past decade have been the rise of team collaboration and the move towards working remotely, whether at home or on the move.

The days of individuals or teams working in isolation are long gone and we’ve written previously on this blog about how we are now all part of the collaboration economy. We collaborate with teams in other offices, partners, consultants, suppliers and more; it no longer feels like anything extraordinary, it’s just how we work in 2012.

At the same time, advances in technology and more progressive attitudes towards flexible working make it possible for someone to work from home or remotely and be just as effective as working in the office. But it could be argued that these two trends are inherently opposed. The value and importance of team collaboration is widely-accepted but how are we managing working remotely effectively when people are so geographically dispersed?

The answer lies in the provision of the best team collaboration platforms. Collaborative team working does not necessarily require an immediate physical presence to work and we have seen a number of successful remote team collaboration projects where teams are spread all across the globe. Effective collaboration depends on having access to the best people for that particular project and Huddle connects people in ways that make that possible.

A shared workspace means no constant emailing of documents, clogging up inboxes and making it nigh-on impossible to track the very latest version. Our secure platform means that people can access a workspace from different companies, ensuring collaboration is easy with people outside of your company. And any team members that are working remotely can work as effectively as they could if they were all in the same room.

Providing people with the tools to work effectively is a huge part of business now and providing, work/life balance is important when people chose a job. People do not want to be tied to a fixed desk in a fixed location and want the freedom to work where best suits them. The technology is available to not only do this, but also ensure they can collaborate effectively too.

Team collaboration is an essential part of modern business, as is allowing people to work more flexibly. Huddle helps ensure that the two are not mutually exclusive.


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