Right, rather than launching into a particularly bad rendition of the Pet Shop Boys, I thought today I would muse on a particular thorny issue for Huddle and many of our peers on the UK’s early stage tech scene.

Should we stay British or relocate to the Valley?

If yes, when? Is this a sign of giving in and admitting that you have to be in the Valley to be successful in this space?

If not, will we be able to build a big enough business ‘just’ in Europe and get the exit the investors want?

It must be nice being Michael Birch and waking up to this every morning...

After all the Bay Area has a massive amount going for it. The weather, the scenery, the lifestyle. And then you talk about the market. 10x (at least) the number of investors as Europe – in one place. 1 million early adopters within 50 miles of San Francisco alone. You can build a massive business without ever leaving Highway 101.

But then you’ve got the flip side of the argument: Skype, Bebo, Last.FM for starters (but weren’t they all bought by US companies?). And East Coast (New York and Boston) is actually better for sales and B2B, particularly SaaS. Just as Moo who are setting up shop in Rhode Island. Being in Europe also means you can sell both West and into the massive Eastern markets – so why go to the US where the competition is so big? And if Huddle is a Collaboration Software company, we could and should be located anywhere, right?

So what’s the right answer? Well I guess we’ll let you know how it goes. Huddle and a host of the best companies in the UK are all considering relocating company to the silicon valley to find out for themselves. We’ve already got an office in Chicago and are planning on setting up in San Francisco after the summer. So are Renate from Poken (already there), ViaPost, Zenzify, MindCandy and many more.

What do you think? Is relocating company to the Silicon Valley worth it? Answers on a postcard to the usual address…

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