With features like real-time co-authoring, G Suite is perfect for collaborating with colleagues inside the organization. And it’s no surprise that, at Huddle, we’re seeing an increasing number of organizations move exclusively to G Suite for their productivity requirements. That’s why we’ve made it easy to publish content straight to Huddle from Google Docs and Sheets.

Secure document sharing

When it comes to sharing content externally with clients and partners, confusing access and permissions on Google Drive can lead to an increase in the risk of external users accidentally gaining access to internal data. Huddle’s add-on means you can use G Suite for what it's best at – working together with your colleagues on content. Once you’re ready to share your work externally, you can publish it straight to Huddle in PDF, Word, Excel or CSV formats, safe in the knowledge that content will only be visible to those it’s intended for.

Publish updates straight to Huddle

If you’re working on a document that needs to be updated frequently, Huddle’s add-on allows you to quickly and simply publish new versions straight to Huddle –there’s no need to re-share or publish a new link.

Publishing status

Any colleagues working on the same document in Google can see whether a version has been published to Huddle, and the Google version of the document can be unlinked from its copy in Huddle at any time.

Browser based installation

If you’ve got a G Suite account, and are on the Huddle Enterprise plan, you can install our Google add-on today by visiting the Add-ons store within Google Docs or Sheets. No additional software needs to be installed.

If the option to install is not available on your G Suite domain, your administrator may need to first enable this feature in the Admin Console.

See the Add-on in action on our You-Tube channel here.


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