I spent Friday and Saturday at GovCamp 2012, along with 250 others, comprising of civil servants and other stakeholders with an interest in using technology to make public services better.

Huddle has been a supporter of GovCamp for a number of years and it’s great to get together with old friends, customers and meet new people.  This year, I noticed that there seemed to be an increase in the number of people attending from local government. This was great to see and it was good to hear the conversations around how Whitehall can include local government more closely in the work going on.

I also really enjoy meeting up with the folks at our competitors, forgetting the battle for 48 hours and engaging in how we can work together in making technology better for government and making the conversations platform and product neutral.

This year, there was lots of talk around open data, what the G-Cloud will mean for the adoption of cloud services across government and cross-government collaboration.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of the innovative ideas and conversations that began this weekend, gain momentum over the next few months.

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