It’s now just over three weeks until Huddle holds its inaugural government cloud computing event, in partnership with FutureGov, on 12 October.

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Earlier this month, we announced a number of the event’s presenters and gave you some more information on the topics they’ll be discussing. I’m pleased to say that the all-star cast continues to grow and you’ll find some more details on our presenters below.

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James Stewart, tech lead, Government Digital Service (GDS)

GDS is a new central government business unit working on delivering government services online and digitally by default. After many years freelancing and running a small web development agency (Ket Lai), James Stewart joined GDS to build the prototype and is now pulling together a team of in-house developers to work as part of inter-disciplinary teams on government projects.

In his presentation at Huddle’s government cloud computing event, James will be covering Alpha, beta and beyond: How the cloud can liberate product teams. Launched in May 2011, was a prototype of what a single domain for government might look and feel like. It also marked the arrival of a new approach to central government web projects, developed by a multi-disciplinary in-house team and hosted entirely in the cloud. James will demonstrate the site and show how cloud tools enabled this new approach.

James Governor, co-founder of RedMonk

RedMonk is an open source analyst firm, which specialises in developer advocacy and analytics. Based in Shoreditch, London, James advises enterprises, start-ups and major companies such as IBM and Microsoft on developer-led innovation, community and technology strategy. He is also proud to have open source non-profit organisations such as the Apache Software Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation as clients. James is co-author of the O’Reilly publication Web 2.0 Design Patterns: what architects and entrepreneurs need to know.

RedMonk makes extensive use of both open source and social media tools in its business operations – James, aka @monkchips, has more than 11k twitter followers. Chairman of SAP’s external panel for stakeholder assurance in Sustainability Strategy and Reporting for 2009, he led the creation of the Greenmonk sustainability subsidiary.

James will be discussing Public Clouds in the Private Sector and Private Clouds in the Public Sector – developers are the rainmakers. The presentation will be a dash through the current cloud landscape, providing some context from the Web and the enterprise about cloud adoption patterns. What’s working, and why, and what comes next?

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