Looking for a government cloud collaboration platform that meets federal, state, and local security requirements?

Huddle recently presented the webcast, Cloud Technology in Government: The Keys to a Seamless Migration to the Cloud, along with the FOSE 2013 team, to illustrate how government agencies can create a collaborative environment that is secure, flexible, and easy-to-use.

What’s been blocking the road to great government cloud collaboration:

  1. Content is overwhelming the government: Inboxes have hundreds of unread emails and new documents are being created every minute of every day. It’s been unclear how to find files, access them, and share them.
  2. Legacy software is failing to cope: It was designed for a different era, when we all worked on one server, in one office behind the firewall. Those days are gone, replaced with this mobile, content-rich, digital age of working in the cloud. We work with internal and external stakeholders, from multiple devices, anywhere we happen to be.
  3. It’s too difficult to work together: Old-world collaboration models lack innovation and intuitive interfaces, features, and functionalities, leading to super-low adoption rate and staff steering back to the inefficiencies email.
  4. Failed deployments:Expense, exhaustive training, IT deployment difficulties, and unrealistic rollout timelines bring more pain to organizations and users than most can bear.

So what’s the answer?

The single biggest factor in government cloud implementation success is the model of engagement that leads to high end user adoption. Unless you have this adoption, you will not be successful. The biggest thing that’s being transformed by the cloud is the consumerization of IT for end-user adoption, which essentially translates to ease of use. If you take the ease of use of consumer tools like Facebook or Twitter or file sharing tools and wrap them up with a government-level security layer and an engagement and model that guarantees user adoption success, you have the makings of a genuinely successful rollout plan. And the results are staggering. But again, it all starts with an easy to use system that requires little to no training.

Breaking boundaries for accessing, sharing, and working on content

With all the mobile device options out there, designed to help us be more productive on the go, it stands to reason that collaborating on content in the government demands a solution for working anywhere, anytime, on any device. Eliminating boundaries extends to the ability of government to work with agencies, departments, and third-parties beyond the perimeter of their office, as is often necessary in the “always-on” world we find ourselves working in. And that’s where we can move the government into next-generation cloud technology to enable federal, state, local, and civilian agencies to working more efficiently with one another—on the move, from wherever their day takes them.

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