We’ve recently made some some great new additions to Huddle, primarily around making online file storage even more useful and usable. These are all live on the site now so go ahead – log in, and get working!

  • New Uploader – now you can drag & drop files from your desktop directly into Huddle and upload multiple files in a single click. You can even upload really large files and pause and resume uploads (i.e. if you lose internet connection) to provide an even more stable way of storing and sharing files in your Huddle workspaces. (N.B. Java is required for the new uploader and this tool is currently disabled in Safari for PC/Mac)
  • File Sorting – sort your files and folders by title, size, date modified or status by clicking the column headers. Makes files easier to find and order according to your preference.
  • Folder Persistence – Huddle now remembers the folders you keep open as you move around workspaces, between sessions and even to different computers.
  • File Location Links – the File Details page now lists the location for the file, which allows you to quickly click on a link to go back to the right folder. This means quicker searching and browsing for files within the system.
  • Easier workspace management – allow users the ability to create folders and invite new users within a workspace to save managers time and effort.
  • Sync Meetings via iCal – schedule your phone and web conferences and automatically update these to your Outlook or Google calendar with the iCal feed, so everyone in your workspaces knows when and where to attend.
  • Improved Notification Emails – more specific subject lines, text and from fields to ensure you know who is notifying you about which topic in Huddle.
  • Edit Discussion Posts – quickly make changes to any post you have written in a discussion.
  • Huddle up in Italian – with other languages coming soon! Let us know if you want to help translate Huddle into your local language. You can modify your language from your profile. As always, many of these changes have come from your feedback so please do stay in touch and let us know what we can do better!

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