As the summer comes to a close Huddlers pull out their Huddle hoodies, look forward to some apple cider and butterbeer (oh wait, that’s Harry Potter), and start hacking!

The annual Huddle Hackathon is not only an opportunity to celebrate the ideas of some of the brightest minds at Huddle, it’s also an opportunity to uncover ideas for new product features. (A little healthy competition and playful banter never hurt, either.)

Unlike traditional Hackathons events that focus on technical and engineering teams and their goals, the Huddle Hackathon is open to the entire business. At Huddle we eat our own dog food every day. For this reason every employee is an expert in the product. This gives us a different perspective which has led to some great innovations, like our public link feature.

And as a company spread out across four offices, from London to San Francisco and New York and Washington, D.C. in between, it’s a great opportunity to get together.

This year we had 12 teams with representation from across the business, including product engineering, customer success and HR.

In the end there could only be one winner (well four), but really we’re all winners.

Huddle Hackathon

The Huddle Hackathon helps us strengthen our team, building a cohesive community across continents. As a company built around collaboration, these events provide an opportunity for employees to work together. The results extend far beyond new product features, they include a sense of community and a feeling of ownership by people from all segments of the business.

Until next year!

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