Huddle’s Support Centre is officially one year old today, so we wanted to wish it a Happy 1st Birthday!

We built our Support Centre to offer all our support and learning resources to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in one central online location. With Huddle’s users spread across the globe in many different time zones it’s important for us to be able to offer high rates of self-service, so answers to questions and product training can be found instantly. Users who can’t find what they need in our automated service can submit tickets directly to our support team, who are all trained product experts. It’s this commitment to improving customer service that sets Huddle apart and ensures all our users get the most from the system.

The in-depth knowledgebase provides FAQs and best practice suggestions for all of the tools and settings within the Huddle application. It is the first place Huddle users are able to find answers to the vast majority of questions. A massive 92% of these articles have been rated as ‘helpful’ by users (and we’re working hard on the rest!) On top of this we have step-by-step user guides and friendly video tutorials, which have been downloaded and viewed thousands of times.

These tools have allowed Huddle to operate at over 99% customer self-service – in other words for every 1000 Huddle users, 990 of them have been able to find answers to questions without needing to ask our support team. This is great for users as they are able to find the information they are looking for immediately without needing to contact us – this has been confirmed in recent support satisfaction survey , which showed that 90% of users visiting the Support Centre rated their overall experience either Good or Excellent.

When users have needed to submit questions or problems to our team though we are equally responsive – offering five working hour turnaround times to our Enterprise users. 97% of users told us that Huddle were able to resolve their issue within their expected timescales and a further 97% of users rated their level of satisfaction with the answer we provided as Good or Excellent.

Some of the feedback we have had from users has been fantastic too:

“Thank you very much for the prompt reply. This is excellent customer service!”

“The response time of the Huddle support centre is an example to the majority of other businesses”

“Quick response, clear correction instructions…exceeded my expectations.”

We will soon be launching our user forums within the Support Centre – allowing our growing customer community to interact with one another and assist each other with questions and suggestions. This is a really exciting step for Huddle and one we’re looking forward to. So let’s all raise a glass to the Support Centre – and to Huddle blowing its own trumpet :)

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