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By Will Gardiner, Head of Enterprise Technology, CCgroup PR



As a PR agency, we provide vital resources and strategic consultancy to our clients. This naturally involves the production of collaterals and the two-way sharing of information; often involving sensitive data such as budgets, plans, contracts and even product launch details. For the relationship to work, our clients must have confidence that we are efficient, reliable and trustworthy.

However, an over-reliance on email, saving documents to desktops and using server-based platforms when sharing information and collaborating on content is still the norm for many – I’ve certainly been guilty of this. Not only does this create bursting inboxes, confusion over file locations and document versions, but also with one click of a button you could have sent unfinished or sensitive information to the wrong client - or even worse, to a journalist!

Collaboration platforms such as Huddle, help us work in a more coherent and intuitive way - which makes the everyday life as a PR that bit easier, faster and more secure.

Here are the top four ways PR agencies can keep the pace:  

1. Feedback fightback

Managing feedback from clients and from within teams isn’t a job for the faint hearted. Comments and edits from too many parties, each using their own version of the document, can lead to miscommunication and inaccuracies in content. This is important as an untruthful press release or customer case can harm relationships with investors, customers, journalists and of course the client. 

With the comments section and version records in Huddle it has become a lot easier to win this battle. You can tag team members, monitor the last set of feedback, compare versions and be alerted once someone’s accepted changes or made edits.

2. Approvals

Speed and efficiency in the approval process – and ensuring deadlines are met - can be the difference between a highly successful campaign and a disappointed client. Huddle’s approval function and external content sharing capabilities has helped teams to create materials internally, set approval requests on senior team members and set a due date, and share the content with the client for final approval. Combined with the feedback functions above, day to day account management has become much easier and faster. 

3. Uploading documents

PR teams can often work on campaign materials late into the night – and this isn’t always from the office. I’ve often found myself working remotely on the train home, on a flight and even from my kitchen table. The traditional issue with doing so is that the latest version is then not easily accessible by the rest of my team. Imagine building a presentation for the next morning’s meeting, but finding your laptop dies at a client’s office. Or the file is safely stored on the network drive, but not on anyone’s laptop or USB.

Unlike relying on network file stores, email inboxes or thumb drives, Huddle allows for a quick and simple solution. Simply drag and drop the file into a Huddle workspace and it is accessible anywhere – a function that has saved my bacon a number of times.

4.  Major launches and events

Not only is the run up to a major launch a logistical battlefield, but the day itself can bring its own difficulties. Our work at Mobile World Congress is the perfect example. With 12 clients in attendance and around 40 interviews diarised, this event was previously a minefield of paper schedules and briefing documents. Huddle changed this.  

Venue details, journalist briefings and schedules could all be managed centrally, on the same platform where final versions of all relevant documentation such as media materials, briefing notes and press lists are stored. This was all accessible via smartphone and tablet, a big help to teams that are consistently on the move. After the event, materials could be shared externally through public links with media and clients, with a guarantee that the content is up to date, notifying us when the recipient has accessed it.

Huddle forms the backbone of PR agencies’ operations. Team collaboration, client engagement and even journalist relationships can all be improved through the use of intuitive, secure and flexible collaboration software.

Remember; whatever your team there's a place for Huddle.  Find out how organizations are creating more collaborative marketing teams. 

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