The U.S healthcare system is in the midst of a profound transformation. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is forcing much of the industry to modernize to ensure it can deliver the operational and economic efficiencies needed to provide healthcare to a wider population, and also to meet the needs of a more tech-savvy nation.

This transformation was a dominant theme at the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference in Chicago this month. Attendees to the event included 40,000 healthcare professionals from around the world and, as an inaugural sponsor, Huddle got an insider’s view on the trends and challenges facing the healthcare sector.

At the heart of the discussions we identified four key talking points.

  1. Patients are more connected than ever, and demand better access and control over their own healthcare services. This raises the question, what is the best way to deliver client data securely?
  2. Healthcare organizations are also more connected than ever, and need to be more so. How can the exchange of data between organizations, providers and patients be done simply across platforms?
  3. Balancing the quality of service with cost is becoming prevalent, a movement that Accountable Care Organizations are leading. How can access to data, collaboration with patients directly, and their personal healthcare network improve that quality of service?
  4. As the HITECH initiative has made 80% of patient data electronic, what is the best way to migrate from legacy systems to modern technology?

The key for healthcare organizations is to get information out of silos and into Interoperable Data Exchanges. Having access to the entirety of patient information quickly, easily and securely will improve quality of service – but it’s not just data access and interoperability that will improve the quality of care, it’s also about streamlining and improving the productivity of healthcare workers.

Technology companies like Huddle are helping healthcare organizations to overcome these hurdles every day. Our own cloud-based collaboration platform is providing healthcare professionals with a simple and secure way to share and collaborate on sensitive HIPPA compliant data with colleagues, external partners and even patients. The power of cloud-collaboration is even helping companies to accelerate the time to market for new drugs and therapies by securely connecting virtual and dispersed teams.

The transformation of the healthcare industry will be profound as professionals adopt these new ways of working. Huddle is keeping cloud-computing at the heart of this revolution, improving the lives of professionals and patients alike to deliver the efficiencies required to build a sustainable future for U.S healthcare.

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