With all the movies, TV shows, and comics featuring snarling, flesh-rotting faces chasing groups of estranged friends running in circles in search of some sense of normalcy, the lonely, forgotten zombie sitting a few chairs down from you is hungry for your help. You know, the sleepy-time, disheveled co-worker who’s always slumbering around, going through the motions, staring at you blankly in conversations. Just about every office has one or two or ten. You’re probably scanning the room right now for one.

But if you can’t spot the office zombie, there’s a 13% chance it may be the one reading this article. But we’re not judging. And neither should you. After all, it’s just a few short weeks until the streets are filling with them, hunting for sweets, compliments, beer, and brains.

But none of that matters. What’s important here is you have an opportunity to be a real hero. To be the one who swirls the formula around in a test tube, in the hopes that this batch will bring the zombie (or zombies) back to life. And it will. Here’s the formula.

The power of coffee is strong in the office. It’s what binds the workforce together. Granted, not everyone drinks coffee, but those who appreciate the flavor, the aroma, and the ritual will infinitely appreciate having an espresso machine right around the corner—and the java being free never hurts either. The beautiful thing is that everyone can experiment with and share techniques for making lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, and such. Besides shocking your office zombie back to life, it brings them back into the fold and socializes them—which is great for productivity…and everyone’s sanity.


Open seating

Kick down your cubicle walls and expose your zombie. It’s hard to hide and not be social when you open things up and your work mates are sitting right across from you. Energy levels begin to rise as conversation and collaboration take hold. It encourages everyone to share information on projects, progress, and what’s coming up on the radar. Best of all, zombies are powerless against it.





Healthy competition

Set aside some time for Office Olympics—chair races, lightning-round stapler crunching, rubber band archery, and the like. If that’s not your thing, put up a dartboard, wheel in a foosball table, or set up some table tennis. Then watch the undead awaken to all the action around them. Even for those who claim to be noncompetitive, you’d be surprised at the killer instinct that emerges once they’re in the game. This sort of thing is great for a quick break from your daily routine and can spark new avenues of creativity even in the most twisted zombies.





There are very few things that can slap a smile on everyone’s face faster than a sweet, tail-wagging doggie making his or her way around the office. But realistically, not every office is cutout for a canine, so cool-looking tropical fish tanks, oxygen-emitting plants, and sweet smelling flowers are a good way to go. The idea is to break up the fluorescent lighting, the plastic chairs, the 1s and 0s with some natural life. Not to get too granola here, but nature has a way of lifting spirits, so it stands to reason that it can lift a zombie’s gnarled leg from dragging past your desk.





Being able to speak your mind is a beautiful thing—especially at work. It means honesty. Honesty about what’s working and what isn’t. Honesty about where you’re at and where your company is headed. Honesty about improving. However, it does require quite a bit of tact and commonsense. A simple rule to apply here: work hard and be nice to people. In fact, this sentiment hangs on the wall here at Huddle, a company motto of sorts.

Transparency also translates to better collaboration and promoting integrity. And that’s golden in the office. So how does this effect the office zombie, you wonder? It opens the door to participate in important discussions, to bring new ideas, free from judgment. And with that, the humans begin to return, rubbing their eyes, and awakening to new possibilities.

Did we miss one? Drop us a comment below. We’ll include it in our next article.

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