We’re well aware of how advances in technology – particularly the Internet – have transformed the workforce.

Thanks to fixed and mobile broadband, workers are no longer shackled to their desks from dawn until dusk. Their office is wherever their smartphone, laptop, netbook or other device of choice is.

While communication tools like Skype have succeeded in mobilizing an entire generation of workers, collaboration tools are now driving change within the walls of traditional enterprises worldwide. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools, such as Huddle, Yammer and Jive Software, are breaking down the communication silos that have developed within organizations.

Traditional, inward-looking enterprise software, such as SharePoint, often reflects the structure of a traditional business. Staff using these complex tools can work with people in their department, but collaborating with people outside of this silo is a challenge. Cloud collaboration tools remove these barriers and enable everyone to connect and work with everyone else. Information can be easily shared, knowledge “gate keepers” are removed, people can see who is contributing to projects (and who isn’t) and traditional business hierarchies start to crumble.

Note: This excerpt is from a ‘cloud collaboration tools’ blog post that I originally wrote for GigaOm’s Web Worker Daily last December. To read the post in full, please go to Web Worker Daily. (http://bit.ly/gkQh3r)

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