It’s easy to become overwhelmed by your tasks. You’re constantly checking your email or enterprise messaging app for updates, searching for associated files, actioning, and sharing updates with stakeholders.

Huddle changes that. Rather than leaving tasks buried in a static list, Huddle’s unique approach ensures discussions, file updates, approvals, and your tasks are always connected; adding the visibility and accountability you need to keep projects on track, and maintaining a time-stamped, auditable record of your work.

And now, it's possible to automatically create a task in Huddle when a new file is added to your Workspace

It’s simple to do using Microsoft Power Automate. Just set a Huddle folder that you want to monitor and when a new file is added, a task will be automatically created for you. 



You want a task to be automatically created against any new file added to a particular Huddle folder - for example, a client report that needs reviewing. 


The integration can be created in Microsoft Power Automate in minutes. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.


  • A Huddle license (using a Huddle Plus or Premier plan that has been enabled for Microsoft Power Automate). Please speak with your Huddle account administrator to confirm if your account is enabled for Microsoft Power Automate or email

  • An enterprise O365 license with access to Microsoft Power Automate, or an individual Power Automate plan. 

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