Collaborating across teams can be challenging enough; but what if you need to collaborate across multiple organisations in multiple countries?

Replacing legacy tools and practices, and pulling a global network of employees onto a centralized collaboration platform doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems. In fact it’s what Baker Tilly International, one of the world’s largest networks of accountancy and business services, has achieved with Huddle.

Huddle’s cloud-based collaboration platform will replace the numerous tools developed internally (such as SharePoint) and allow teams to quickly, and consistently, create secure portals for client engagements. Content can now be easily created and updated via Huddle, with approvals and tasks being set for key firms to ensure that actions are completed. Details of various billing rates, expenses and employee levels can be stored and revised centrally and everyone can view work schedules and ensure key milestones are met.

And, of course, Huddle’s government security credentials deliver the assurance needed for a company dealing with confidential and sensitive information across both organizational and jurisdictional borders.

Baker Tilly International is a great example of an organization that needs to connect its entire enterprise ecosystem – partners, customers and suppliers – to relevant content. To maintain a competitive advantage, professional services firms need to be able to work effectively across geographical and organizational boundaries, delivering exceptional client service.

Watch our interview with Baker Tilly International to discover how Huddle has improved efficiency and centralized collaboration across more than 150 member firms globally.


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