As companies shift to a cloud-based workplace, communicating with employees and colleagues can become increasingly difficult. The human factor is sometimes forgotten about entirely when communication via digital methods, but it’s important to understand the quality and effect of our communications and ensure that digital conversations have a human element.

Humans do benefit from human interaction, which is why it’s good to integrate real human interaction into digital conversations. Digital platforms make communication much more effective by providing a space for continuous feedback and transparency, which is why it’s so important to capitalize on their value.

Improving Communications

According to Harvard Business Review, 79 percent of Unify survey respondents reported working in virtual teams frequently. However, 44 percent of the respondents found virtual communication to be as effective as face-to-face. There are a number of ways to improve virtual communication and employee satisfaction rates.

When communicating around content, it’s helpful to have live discussions that are active within the content. Having a platform that allows employees to leave a comment, tag colleagues and receive instant notifications ensures the conversation has a lively, human feel. Huddle allows users to write and share meetings notes and ideas from mobile devices or desktops to improve the effectiveness of digital conversations.

Create Shared Goals

Each project team and the company at large should have the shared goal of making work more enjoyable by engaging on a more human level. Leaders should tap into a staff’s personal needs and create a climate where employees can feel free to speak their minds and have candid conversation. Don’t forget to give employees praise when due as well, which is something often forgotten when conversations become completely digital.

Alternate Computer Time with Phone or Video Time

Another way to optimize online collaboration is to intermittently schedule video conference calls or, if possible, face-to-face meetings along with the digital conversations. That way, employees can hear live human voices and see human faces and feel more connected to their colleagues. This can often be a big productivity booster and is great for employee morale in general. Choosing a platform with advanced call technology is helpful to optimize the effectiveness of conference calls.

Be Encouraging

Lastly, be sure to encourage employees to comment openly in a digital conversation. They might not be aware of the company culture and might feel hesitant to step in and offer comments or opinions. Make sure managers are asking for feedback and consistently commenting on digital documents themselves so employees feel like it is an environment where contributing their own thoughts and opinions is encouraged.

Digital conversations run the risk of losing employees’ interest and thus causing productivity to falter. It’s important to maintain a focus on keeping digital conversations flowing both to maintain progress in work and get the most out of your employees and improve employee satisfaction. Keeping digital conversations human will deepen engagement and improve collaboration efforts. Writing notes, tagging colleagues and adding meeting notes to a digital conversation are great ways to remind participants they are interacting with real humans and foster those connections with the end goal of improving productivity.

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