Why is it so hard to work together? I’m not talking about those water cooler conversations that trigger a new product innovation, the midnight email that sparks off a sales opportunity, or the discussion in the lift about dealing with a dissatisfied customer. That’s all good old-fashioned fluid communication that oils the wheels of business.

No, I’m talking about full-force collaboration—working day after day, hand-in-hand, shoulder to shoulder as one with your fellow employees, managers, senior executives, and external agencies or customers on content, documents, and discussions. The seamless sharing of knowledge and opinions on sales reports, marketing proposals, and financial documents. Too few organizations have cracked the collaboration code, instead relying blindly on a plethora of different processes, systems, and technologies for knowledge sharing.

Pick any one you like. Email? Employees are swamped by it already. It comes fraught with hopeless control over content, and it’s frightfully unsafe—especially when an email ends up in the wrong hands. How about consumer cloud storage tools like Dropbox? Unsafe again. And they command no control over the way content is shared and consumed. SharePoint? It may be feature-rich, but it’s expensive, tricky to use, and frustratingly tough to collaborate with external partners across the firewall.

That’s just the half of it – how do you access your company information?  VPN is just so laborious.  What about on the move?  Our colleagues are increasingly wanting to use their latest smartphone or tablet – and can’t understand why it is so difficult!

Something’s got to give. After all, today’s employees live in a world of bring your own device (BYOD) and want to be able to share knowledge anywhere, anytime, anyplace. For example, using their iPad mid-flight—as more and more airlines now permit—to approve a new customer contract or business purchase. Or working on their laptop late at night to fine-tune a new marketing campaign. They also need to collaborate efficiently through the firewall, with agencies, professional bodies, analysts, and others.

The boundaries for accessing, sharing, and working on content are disappearing at an exponential rate—and that’s great for productivity.

More than 100,000 businesses and governments worldwide have turned to Huddle to meet these challenges. Maybe it’s because we’re the forerunner in cloud content collaboration, enabling organizations to access and share knowledge and content with whomever they need, internally and externally. With Huddle, you benefit from a centralized place where teams of people can work on content that’s owned by your business—not the individual. It’s secure—there’s no sensitive data sitting in email, on USB drives, or content sharing platforms. One of the most powerful features is that it’s intelligent. You don’t have to hunt down content. Content comes and finds you. Huddle’s next-generation content collaboration tackles and harnesses that growing threat of Big Content.

Here’s how knowledge sharing works with Huddle in the real world. You’re in a restaurant, awaiting news of a big new sales deal. Your mobile device alerts you to a revised version of the sales contract in Huddle. Your account manager has added a clause into the contract document to allow a small percentage discount on the purchase. The deal hinges on you approving the new contract terms, and it being sent to the prospective customer. You securely review the contract within the private Huddle workspace, view other stakeholders’ comments on the contract, make any necessary edits, and approve the contract—all from your mobile device, from wherever you happen to be.

You can collaborate with your external team of lawyers on the validity of the contact, should you need to. Plus, you have the flexibility to do any of this just as easily from your PC, Mac, smartphone, or iPad. It’s everything in one place. All content, across all workspaces, available on all devices.

Barriers to collaboration and knowledge sharing are everywhere. Firewalls are a barrier. VPN access is a barrier. Lack of mobility is a barrier. Technical configuration is a barrier. Huddle strips away all the barriers with a powerful, intuitive cloud service that shares knowledge the way you and your team want to share it.

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