Three, apparently. Buh dum, tish.

On the subject of weak jokes, what about one that starts “a man walks into a bar on Bermondsey Street..”? Well, this was answered by Charlie Hoult on his blog:

So, I’m chatting to this short Brummie bloke at DrinkTank, the networking night hosted by Huddle, and he’s one of the few people in a tie. He says he’s a blogger and, for sure, he ‘gets it’.

I ask him: ‘So, what do you do?’

He says: ‘Well, I’m a Cabinet Minister’.

Nice one Tom Watson. A good chat through the issues of digital leadership, tech enablement, global v local and the world of Tom Watson namesakes.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing Tom and Charlie again at DrinkTank next month. If you’re a web entrepreneur, investor (or cabinet minister) and fancy getting together with 120 other like-minded folks for food, drink and web 2.0-related chatter then get yourself registered at

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