Your Bid Center thrives on agility: being able to rapidly pull a bid team together, collaborate quickly on the bid document, and engage seamlessly with the partners you’re bidding with outside your organization. You can’t put a price on this pace: but it does open the door to a higher quality, collaborative bid management process. And one that maybe even closes more multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts.

In this second of three blogs on Huddle for bid management, we’ll dig deeper into the technology you might be relying on right now to mastermind this bid management process: SharePoint.

It may be tricky to use, to deploy, and to manage cost-effectively, but SharePoint is far too important to your organization to discard. It underpins your business. But so does your bid management process.

The most powerful tool in your Bid Center

So why not embrace Huddle’s simple, cloud-based content collaboration platform to sit on top of or alongside SharePoint in your Bid Center? In a nanosecond, you’ll witness all the features and functionalities SharePoint lacks, but your company needs. Like secure mobile, social, and cross-firewall collaboration right out of the box.

Let’s start with the cross-firewall collaboration. Regardless of which stage your bid is in—putting the initial team together, writing the tender document, or passing through those crucial ‘decision gates’—you need seamless collaboration with external partners such as partners, government agencies, and third-party suppliers. Even if you and your partners have SharePoint as part of an Office 365 license, you’ll struggle to work on content with them directly.

Bidding from anywhere in the world

Your bid team isn’t working in isolation either. They’re working in hotels, airport lounges, or at home. They need anytime, anywhere access to the bid process—to engage with other stakeholders on the bid, write and review documents, or approve clauses and statements. SharePoint does not support this kind of mobile working. You’ll search in vain for a native mobile app, only to find there are none. So if you’re using SharePoint for bid management, just make sure you’re parked at your desk. Permanently.

Conversely, Huddle talks to everyone, anytime, anywhere. The cloud-based platform for content collaboration enables all the bid stakeholders to work together and deliver a high-quality bid proposal. All bid management information is kept in a single place. You have the flexibility to create workspaces associated with every bid you are working on. And you have a single, unified strategy for file sharing, document management, whiteboards, and Outlook integration.

Collaborating beyond your building walls

With Huddle, it’s just as easy to collaborate with third-party partners on another continent as it is to collaborate with colleagues across the room.

Let’s assume you are bidding for a new government contract to provide hospital cleaning services, and need to quickly identify the people in the company who have worked on previous similar bids; people with healthcare knowledge and external cleaning agencies who will source the staff to perform the service. With Huddle, you can study people’s profiles and build an expert virtual team the moment a relevant RFP document is identified. This includes partners outside your organization.

This is where the collaboration really begins. You can keep track of your files with version control, a clear approvals process, notifications, and comments. You can quickly and easily filter tasks as either not started, in progress, complete, or incomplete, and re-assign them to users. And you have a complete audit trail of every bid, to ensure accountability and manage instances where contacts may be contested legally.

Go-Ahead on the high-speed rail of bid management

Go-Ahead Group is a gold standard example of this bid management collaboration in action. The company operates a significant proportion of UK public transport franchises, and responding to an invitation to tender (ITT) launches an intense period of work. Go-Ahead must capture all the required work streams—draft documents, research, and creating a final submission for the Government department.

Huddle provides Go-Ahead with a central reference library for all their staff, so that when new bid documents are uploaded, staff are automatically notified. A separate workspace is used to store information that relates to the prequalification phase. A third is dedicated to the bidding process. Here, editors can lock files down, so only the production team has access at this stage, creating more control over the current version and who owns it.

Now is the time to join Huddle’s march towards straightforward, cross-firewall collaboration. Your multi-year, multi-million dollar bid can thrive in Huddle. Hand on heart, can you say the same for SharePoint?

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