Most marketers won’t want to hear this, but please don’t close your ears…or your eyes. Ready? Here goes: Your marketing strategy is probably out of date by about six months.

Yikes, I know. If your idea of an effective marketing strategy is hinged on what worked in the past, you should keep in mind that just because it worked before, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll deliver high-caliber results for the future. Yes, that means that if you’re following best practices, you’re following what everyone else is doing –and, more importantly, not innovating. Instead of differentiating your product(s) and company from the competition, you run the risk of looking like every other brand you’re going head to head with. Remember, it’s emerging strategies, disruptive technology, and fresh ideas that drive the industry forward.

Breaking free from the “status quo”

It helps to step back for a minute and consider marketing as the “customer’s voice”. When you refocus your marketing strategy through this lens, it opens the door to customer insight. And this can help drive more poignant campaigns that break the mold and get results.

5 key areas of refocus

  1. Customer insight: measuring and understanding customer behavior in order to act upon current needs and satisfactions
  2. Customer foresight: measuring and understanding behaviors related to attracting potential customers
  3. Competitor insight: monitoring, understanding, and responding to current and potential competitor strengths and weaknesses
  4. Strategic alignment: ensuring work is in line with your company’s ever evolving goals
  5. Cross-functional collaboration: interacting, sharing information, working with and assisting colleagues from different work groups

How can you, as a marketer, affect this kind of change? To help influence innovation with the rest of your organization, cross-functional collaboration with product developers, salespeople, business units, etc., is key. For new ideas in marketing strategy to stick, we can no longer afford to work in silos and still expect success in our respective markets. This is where Huddle is paramount.

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