With the latest procurement round for G-Cloud iii due to be given the green light this week,  it’s full steam ahead for government ICT in 2013.  Still hot on the heels of G-Cloud ii, the UK central government aims to have 50% of its government ICT spend invested in cloud services by 2015 so the latest push to the cloud comes as no surprise.

In addition, the government is pledging £5 million to support research and development projects that address the business and technology challenges preventing cloud service adoption. Could it be that the issues preventing many organisations leaping to the cloud, including interoperability and resilience of data, soon become distant memories?

On Wednesday 16 January, the Huddle team will be bringing together more than 100 CIOs, technology directors, programme managers and thought leaders in central and local government, as well as independent analysts and journalists to discuss the benefits and challenges surrounding cloud adoption. What does the future hold and what benefits have been gained by public sector thus far?

Joining the already stellar line up of public sector movers and shakers will be:

Neil Bacon, Director of the PSNGB

Neil Bacon | Government ICT ConferenceNeil is responsible for driving PSN and Cloud through Level 3’s indirect channels and also has some responsibility for PSN and G-Cloud overall within Level 3.

He has been involved with PSN for approximately three years and has driven a strong SME engagement agenda.

Neil sits on the PSN Programme Board and is a Director of the PSNGB, which is a Trade Association that exists to drive the PSN for the benefit of both Government and Suppliers. It builds on the thousands of hours of great work, from around 100 industry partners, that have gone into creating the PSN Operating Model to align with Cloud.

Previously Neil worked for NextiraOne driving strategy, partnerships and in flight process and procedures such as marketing, governance, sales and service management in PSN and Cloud.

Neil lives in Chichester, close to the sea and spends his spare time as near to the water as he can be – ideally sailing in the harbour and trying not to capsize!

Ian Osborne, Director, Business to Business, Intellect

Ian Osborne | Government ICT ConferenceIan is Director of Business to Business at Intellect, the UK Technology Trade Association. The Business to Business group is focused on promoting the application of ICT technologies and business models in key market sectors. In this role, initial priorities have been identified as the application of IT as a Service and Big Data. Intellect represents a substantial proportion of the UK IT Industry for matters related to Government, Policy and European interests. Intellect also works with its members to promote the opportunity for ICT to contribute towards addressing the Growth agenda. See www.intellectuk.org for more information.

Ian is also Director of Cloud and Government IT in the Information and Communications Technologies Knowledge Transfer Network (ICT KTN), part of the programme funded by the Technology Strategy Board, the UK Government’s Innovation Agency. KTNs work closely with academics, leading industry suppliers and early adopters to promote ICT-based innovation in private and public sector organisations. His key areas of industry interest lie in Cloud Computing, Sustainability and Standards, especially for Government and SME applications. He also retains a professional interest in Software Engineering. See www.ictktn.org.uk for more information. Ian is a member of the Cloud Industry Forum Code Governance Board and chairs the Standards committee. The Cloud Industry Forum is championing a Code of Practice for SMEs aimed at raising the standard of cloud service provision to end users. See www.cloudindustryforum.org.

Ian held leadership roles in two previous Knowledge Transfer Networks in the IT area: ‘Digital Systems’ and ‘Grid Computing Now!’, also funded by the Technology Strategy Board. Between 2007 and 2009, Ian contributed to the Open Grid Forum, an open standards body, as Vice President for Enterprise, and acted as a principal in the OGF-Europe FP7 project funded by the European Commission, also aimed at establishing open standards for distributed computing. In 2009/10 he contributed to the UK Government’s G-Cloud Programme as industry lead for the Application Store Requirements Specification.

Dr Alex Long, GP and Partner, The Coleridge Medical Centre

Dr Alex Long | Government ICT Conference

Dr Long has a special interest in emergency care and all aspects of general Internal Medicine. Before becoming a GP he spent many years working in hospitals as a general physician, anaesthetist and intensive care doctor. He is a keen medical educator believing strongly in the Hippocratic tradition of teaching medicine to others. He is one of the GPs that regularly train GP registrars.

Dr Long is heavily involved in the development of the practice’s IT systems and is proud to have written and developed website. He is currently working to evolve cloud based computing within primary care. The Coleridge Medical Centre is a pioneer of this technology.

He is married to Jenny and when not practicing medicine can be found doting on his two young children, herding his various animals, wielding his camera or covered in mud on one of his mountain bicycles.

Christopher Cox, programme manager, Cheltenham Borough Council

Chris Cox | Government ICT ConferenceChris is a highly skilled and self-motivated project and programme manager across a wide variety of disciplines and industries. He has more than 20 years experience in software engineering and leading successful IT implementations through the complete software development lifecycle. This includes everything from the requirements capture through to development, delivery, acceptance and on-going operational support. Having worked for many years in the public sector, Chris is adamant that all technology solutions should be cost effective, provide value for money and actually fulfill user requirements and needs.

Do you want to find out more about what the future holds for public sector cloud collaboration and content management or how European cloud strategy is set to impact UK cloud procurement? Read Phil Wainewright, VP EuroCloud and blogger at ZDNet US, and Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Content and Collaboration Research Director at 451 Research views on Huddle’s blog now.

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