What is and isn’t cool is highly subjective, even within business. For example, whilst I might be biased, I think Huddle is cool andSharePoint isn’t – what’s cool about high costs and low adoption rates? So can collaboration & content management be cool?

Although analyst house Gartner might not be cool in the way that Johnny Depp is, it does know all the cool enterprise collaboration and content management vendors. Whilst everyone named in the most recent list is to be congratulated, I would also like to point out that Gartner identified Huddle as a cool vendor way back in 2009. Once a cool vendor, always a cool vendor.

What’s most interesting is that the content management platforms cited by Gartner in 2012 are all ‘social, collaborative and cloud-based’. Sound familiar? When it comes to the management of content, Huddle ticks all of those boxes and more. Being acknowledged by Gartner so early in our lifespan helped us to increase our credibility with large enterprises and government departments giving us a platform to really refine our collaboration and content management capabilities. Huddle now works with 100,000 organizations worldwide, 80 per cent of central UK government departments and our clients include the likes of Kia Motors, Diageo and PwC.

Cloud collaboration tools are especially important, as it makes an organization’s content accessible at any time, irrespective of location. But providing the ability to collaborate is equally important when considering your enterprise content managementsystem. Modern business is increasingly collaborative and the simple and seamless sharing of content, both inside and outside of your organization, is a real differentiator. Too many content management systems are impacted by the firewall, which significantly hinders external collaboration.

So when Gartner talks about the best content collaboration platforms being social, collaborative and cloud-based we would have to agree. As we are now in our fourth year as a ‘cool’ vendor, that surely takes Huddle beyond normal boundaries of cool and into a whole new stratosphere. Cool but established, trustworthy and credible – a powerful combination which can help you with successful collaboration.

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