When AdWeek asked Huddle to host a webinar on how to collaborate more effectively, we happily accepted.

Chris Boorman, Chief Marketing Officer at Huddle, presented eight proven-steps that propel effective collaboration in the workplace.

Before we go any further, let’s breakdown what collaboration actually means. The Oxford Dictionary defines “collaboration” as “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” And that extends to “something produced or created in this way.” And that’s what Huddle is all about—empowering people to work with each other to produce great things. Effective collaboration, when done well, gets the job done faster.

But true collaboration is not always easy. It requires focus, effort, and drive. In the marketing world, often times, you find yourself working with a variety of agencies, departments, and outside contractor and companies. So how do you work with all of these entities effectively? How do we bring everyone together?

8 steps to effective collaboration:

  1. Prepare – Take a step back, and identify projects or campaigns that need collaboration. Lead by example; you’ll find it goes a long way.
  2. Kickoff – Identify your objectives and learn about users. Set clear expectations and schedule regular meetings.
  3. Plan the journey – Where are you starting from? Show everyone what your journey will look like; pictures and infographics work very well for this.
  4. Structure your environment – Agree on which people and form of technologies you’ll be using. Try to avoid email at all costs; it’s messy.
  5. Launch – Make sure users know what to do and how to work. Don’t be afraid to over-communicate. Articulate the week-by-week process.
  6. Monitor and measure on a regular basis – Start small, then build. Stay focused on goals and include everyone. Share easily and often.
  7. Celebrate success – Just what it says.
  8. Expand to new projects and repeat – If you have the right process, the right champions, and you define the structure and execute, then you’ll be able to repeat again, again, and again.

Learn more about how to share and Huddle on content that matters. Watch the full-version of the 8 Ways to Collaborate More Effectively Webinar, hosted by AdWeek.

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