Isn’t this exciting? For some time now we’ve been working on a better and better looking new user interface (UI) for Huddle. The beta version is finally here. We would love all our users to test this and give us as much feedback as possible – There’s a feedback button on the right hand side of your Dashboard. Check it out at and tell us what you think.

The beta version shares all the same data as your existing account, so you can use this for all your everyday work on Huddle from now on if you wish – just login with your existing username and password. Below are some answers to questions you may have:

Q: What is the new beta version of Huddle?

A: Huddle’s development team has been working hard on improving the usability of the entire system, as well as improving the way Huddle looks (colours, fonts, layout etc.) Every tool you are used to seeing in Huddle is still included – we have changed no core functionality, just enhanced the way these tools work. It also allows us to more easily add future functionality – with online meetings coming soon. The major change is in the Dashboard area – this will now display in the form of moveable ‘widgets’ and will present the information across your workspaces in a much quicker loading, friendly and useful format. This will allow for lots of future development work, with new widgets, shortcuts and other useful stuff at your fingertips when you login to Huddle. There are also some sensible changes made to names of tabs within workspaces – e.g. the ‘Teams’ tab will become ‘People’ and the ‘Workspace Manager’ tab will become ‘Settings’.

Q: How long will it be before the beta version is fully live?

A: We realise that many of our users will be used to the old system and don’t want to switch everyone over too quickly, so our plan is to run both systems alongside one another until early 2009, so you can get used to the new look and feel and we can ensure any last minute tweaks can be included. Your feedback will be incredibly important to us as we want to make sure the new look & feel suits you and your work, so please do use the new system as often as possible! We invite you to send any feedback via a feedback button on the right hand side of your Dashboard.

Q: Does the new look & feel have any impact on existing data / folders / permissions stored in my account?

A: No, not at all – all existing data is shared across both the old and new systems, so all of your information will be instantly available to you and no permission structures will have changed. In addition, anything you change in the new system will automatically synch with the old system so you and your team members can choose to use either with no impact on your work.

Q: How does this affect my account customisation / branding?

A: Custom URLs are not available in the beta site and custom logos may not display correctly in certain browsers. As this is work in progress please let us know if this is the case and we will do what we can to help – this will not affect any functionality in the short term. Obviously when we do move to the new look & feel only then all customisation options will be available to you and should be looking perfect!

Q: Is that advertising I see?

A: It has long been our intention to serve advertising inside free workspaces and we’re currently testing this. Over the coming weeks we will be working with our network partners to ensure we’re providing relevant and useful advertising so bear with us in the short term if the ads you see are a little, um, esoteric.

Q: Are there any known issues currently in the beta site?

A: Currently the notifications widget on the dashboard area does not allow users to mark notifications as read. The Zoho online editor window for Word & Excel files is too small and is being worked on to offer this full-screen.

In the near future new user guides, video tutorials and FAQs will be added to our Support Centre for the official launch of the new look & feel – in the meantime please direct any questions or feedback you have via the ticket form in the Support Centre

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