If you’re spending your time jumping between meetings or working on lots of different projects, you’re probably also flipping between lots of different documents. 

A simple activity like finding the document you need can be really frustrating; interrupting your flow and damaging your productivity.

Sound familiar? You’re certainly not alone in this plight with 27% of senior managers reporting they’ve missed deadlines because they couldn’t find a document.  

With Huddle Bookmarks, we’ve taken the stress out of managing and organizing your documents, so you can focus on staying productive.

What you need, where and when you need it

Bookmarking your most important and frequently accessed documents in Huddle allows you to get straight back to them at any time. Any documents you bookmark will automatically sync to Huddle Desktop and Huddle for iOS devices, so you can always access the latest version, even when you're working offline.

Focus on what’s important to you

Getting started with Bookmarks is simple: If you have access to a document in Huddle, you can bookmark it.

Your bookmarks are private to you and, with 50 bookmarks available for every user, you can add and remove them as often as you like. 

Ready to give Bookmarks a try? Find out how here.

In the meantime, we know how busy you are, so we’re staying focused on helping you stay productive. Watch out for more Huddle productivity enhancements in upcoming releases.

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