Back in 2007, the Huddle team consisted of two people – Andy and I – and our office was a bedroom. A few years on:

  • Huddle is bringing intelligent collaboration to more than 100,000 organizations, in 180 countries across the globe
  • We’re tripling sales each year, with enterprise sales forecast to grow 8x this year!
  • The company is co-headquartered in London and San Francisco, with a newly launched office in New York
  • 80% of the Fortune 500, including brands such as Diageo, P&G, Kia Motors, PwC and Unilever use Huddle to store, discover, share and work on content with others securely in the cloud
  • Huddle is used by 75% of the UK government and we’ll  be opening up a Washington DC office later this year due to the demand we are seeing from the U.S. government
  • The company launched Huddle Sync, the world’s first intelligent file synchronization platform for the enterprise
  • Oh, and we had a lot of fun with the Huddle marching band at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim. In fact we had a lot of fun taking on (and beating) SharePoint pretty much everywhere!

Today, Huddle’s vision of transforming the enterprise content management (ECM) and social software markets has received further validation. I am extremely proud to announce that we have closed a $24 million Series C round of funding. Not only is this a bigger round than anyone else in our sector at this stage, but we’re delighted to be working with some truly world-class investors including Jafco Ventures, DAG Ventures, Subrah Iyar (the founder of WebEx no less!), and experienced venture investor Herb Madan. They will all be joining us on the next stage of our journey to transform this $25 billion industry.

I firmly believe – as does the rest of the Huddle team – that in today’s knowledge economy, the most successful companies are those that make the best use of information. Legacy ECM systems simply fail to help organizations do this. These systems were designed 20 years ago – in a pre-internet era – for content storage and not collaboration. They lock information away on servers behind the firewall and make it harder for people to work together, not easier.  Huddle is changing all this; revolutionizing the ECM market by making it:

  • Collaborative
  • Social
  • Ubiquitously accessible
  • Intelligent

Our intelligent collaboration platform opens up content silos across the global enterprise ecosystem, enabling people to share, discover and work on content wherever, whenever and with whomever they need to.

With $40m of funding now under our belt, it is now time for the next phase of the journey. We can’t wait to have you along!

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