“How good is Huddle at managing HR confidentiality and recruitment processes?” Since joining Huddle as VP of HR, it’s a question I’ve been asked countless times. My answer is always the same: Huddle has transformed my work.

In my career I have used a range of products and solutions to help manage these processes.  Yet, in all that time, I have always been concerned with how to remain in control of the content we produce and rely upon – for example, policies as they are being created, those sensitive contracts we share with lawyers  or the documents that are shared with new joiners.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing with you the reasons why Huddle presents such a compelling proposition for Human Resources management professionals in any industry and any organization—large or small. My first blog focuses on what makes Huddle the essence of the HR recruitment and on-boarding process.  Subsequent blogs will focus on HR operational management and the importance of secure HR collaboration.

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As I travel into work each day, reviewing and approving HR documents on my iPad that have come in overnight from our San Francisco office, I often ask myself a very simple question: How did I ever manage without Huddle? How indeed.

In my career I have interfaced with 1,000’s of staff and networks of external agencies, such as head-hunters and lawyers. We relied on a combination of fragmented and disconnected processes—vast volumes of paper, an overflowing email in-box, and an HR information system which was built around the employee, not designed for sharing HR documents and discussions.

When it came to recruitment and the on-boarding of new staff, the entire process was slow, labor-intensive and prone to error. Duplication of effort was rife; we had a lengthy candidate approval process; and we had to search through multiple systems to find that elusive job description or offer letter. It was not entirely secure either. It only took one inadvertent email sent to the wrong address or a piece of paper picked up by the wrong person for the candidate’s confidentiality to be breached. It never did thankfully; but the promise of it happening was there.

So when I’m on that train into work, I really appreciate just how valuable Huddle is to my day-to-day activities. Especially when it comes to the recruitment and on-boarding process. With Huddle, I can securely access, share and work on all my HR content, both with my internal team and the network of external agencies and consultants—from my laptop, iPad, or anywhere I have browser access.

Hiring is no longer a headache. There’s no need to hunt down CVs, contract templates, job descriptions, or interview questions—everything sits in the single, shared workspace. It’s quick and easy to compare candidates, and all stakeholders share the same candidate view. Moreover, if a candidate is rejected and asks for feedback, a full audit trail of the discussions and decision making process is available in seconds.

Induction and on-boarding are equally fast-paced. The Huddle Dashboard gives me comprehensive insight into each of the HR workspaces, the tasks and meetings I need to complete and attend, and one-click access to all the people involved in on-boarding a new candidate. Wherever I am working from, I can send information to the new joiner before they start, manage their induction program, create a new starter workspace and review the welcome videos they need to watch as part of their induction.

Huddle is growing fast and our people agenda is key to that success. The collaborative environment ensures I stay one step ahead the whole time, recruiting and on-boarding great talent.

In fact, the only thing Huddle doesn’t do is make the trains run on time. Not yet anyway.

In my next blog, I’ll be examining how Huddle helps the nitty-gritty of HR: those imperative, important, everyday tasks such as operational management, the people and business strategy and budgeting. I also welcome your thoughts and comments.

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