Huddle Desktop: Open, save, search & comment on Huddle files from your everyday applications.

Whether working on a home improvement project, whipping up a meal in the kitchen or creating a presentation at the office, we all work best when we have the tools we need close at hand. This is the very idea behind Huddle Desktop.

Available for Windows or Mac, our desktop app integrates into Microsoft Office applications, connecting a user’s desktop experience with their online one by simplifying how they access and manage files. Our Microsoft Office plug-ins not only allow users to open, edit and save documents from within any Microsoft office application, they also allow users to see and add comments to any document right from within the Microsoft application.

Huddle Desktop is all about personal productivity. When you’re working on a project you don’t want to be confined to your desk. With Huddle Desktop you don’t have to be. Whether you start a document in the office and need to continue working on it from home or while offline on a flight, with Huddle Desktop users can pick up their work on a document on any device at any time, regardless of Internet connectivity.

With Huddle Desktop you no longer have to switch between the tools you love. Huddle Desktop connects your desktop experience with our powerful cloud-collaboration platform, making collaboration easier than ever.

The latest update is available to all Huddle users today via our Huddle Desktop page. For more information, including screenshots, please have a look at our Huddle Desktop Customer Briefing.

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