Whether you’re uploading files from a client site, or submitting new documents for review by your peers; sharing, accessing and managing documents should be simple.  That’s why we’ve developed new ways to upload and manage your documents through Huddle Desktop. 

Huddle Desktop (for Windows and Mac) has always been about making Huddle work for you. In fact users tell us that it makes them up to x3 more productive than using the Huddle web interface alone. 

Three new ways to upload documents to Huddle

You’re probably very familiar with the tried and tested methods of managing documents on your desktop, such as “dragging and dropping” or “copying and pasting”; so we’ve extended these concepts into the Huddle Desktop application, with three new ways to upload documents into Huddle.

1. Drag and Drop
If you prefer to drag and drop documents into Huddle, you can now do so with Huddle Desktop. Just drag a document into the Huddle Desktop application to start the upload process. If you’re uploading lots of documents to the same place, we’ll even remember the last place you saved to or opened from, saving you from having to browse for the right workspace every time.

2. Right click and choose upload to Huddle

If you’re more familiar with copy and paste, or the concept of a ‘right click’ menu, then you can now right click a file and choose the “Upload to Huddle” option in Windows Explorer.


3. Click the upload icon

Look in the top right of the Huddle Desktop application and you’ll find a new icon that’ll start the upload process by asking you to choose a document from your local drives. You can then browse your Huddle workspaces until you find where you’d like to save the document.
If you save a document with the same name as an existing document in Huddle, it’ll automatically upload it as a new version.

Successful uploads at the first attempt

If you’ve ever tried to upload a document when you have a poor internet connection you’ll know how frustrating the experience can be. Using Huddle Desktop v4.1, if your connection drops, we’ll automatically resume your upload when your get your connection back. 
This, coupled with our recently introduced Dynamic Web Acceleration capability, means that uploading documents will be quicker and more reliable than ever.

Browse and open any file from Huddle

V4.1 also includes a new shortcut to reach all of your Huddle documents. Click the new open icon in the top right of Huddle Desktop to launch the workspace browser.

Help and more information

If you haven’t tried Huddle Desktop yet, it’s quick to install, secure and easy to use. Download the latest version and find out more about Huddle Desktop here*.
We’ve made lots of other enhancements; so if you want to find out more, read the version 4.1 release notes here
To help get your users up and running with these new features, we’ve also created some useful help content in our knowledgebase .

*If your organization manages your installation of Huddle Desktop, you might need to contact your IT department or send them details of how to upgrade

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