At Huddle, we pride ourselves on the support we provide for users, from initial onboarding for new users through to helping experienced get the most out of Huddle’s more advanced features. All Huddle users can take advantage of our extensive knowledge base and also have easy access to Huddle’s support team via However, for customers operating in high-pressure environments or with acute time sensitive deliverables, our Extended Support package might offer additional peace of mind for IT teams and Huddle Administrators.

Huddle Extended Support provides one of the most comprehensive support offerings in the market, and our team of experts are dedicated to maximizing the Huddle experience for you and your users.

Making Huddle work for you

Extend Support provides advanced support throughout implementation, ensuring you are setup for success right from the get-go. Once your Huddle account and users are up and running, our Extended Support team have direct access to Huddle’s Product Managers and Engineers to quickly solve any issues that may arise. We’ll know the ins-and-outs of your account, ensuring your support experience is tailored to your and your organization’s needs.

A natural extension to your helpdesk

We’ll monitor your Huddle deployment and highlight any opportunities to improve the experience for you and your users, and a member of the team will make onsite visits to help optimize helpdesk processes and to address more detailed technical requirements. Through a greater understanding of your organization and a deep knowledge of Huddle, we’ll form a natural extension of your own internal helpdesk.

Tailored to your needs

From our self-service knowledgebase through to to 24/7 dedicated support with guaranteed response times, we have the right support offering to fit your specific needs.

Included with Huddle Extended Support:

  • 24/7 Dedicated Premier Call and Email/Web Support

  • Guaranteed 1-Hour First Response Times for Urgent Issues

  • Guaranteed 2-Hour First Response Times for High and Normal Issues

  • Guaranteed 99.9% Site Uptime

  • Custom Shared Helpdesk/Escalation Model

  • Onsite Health Check-Ins

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