There are a few things in this world that make me very, very happy. The words “all you can eat”, the musical stylings of Michael Jackson (pre-1997, naturally), empty ski slopes and – last but not least – people building great stuff with Huddle’s API.

We’ve worked closely with the guys at Howard / Baines in the past and were absolutely delighted when they told us they were adding Huddle integration to the latest version of AlertThingy, their all-singing, all-dancing social network aggregator. This means you can now receive desktop Huddle updates (when someone updates a file, adds a comment etc) alongside your feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Yammer and more.

We’re going to be working to add even more great stuff to our API so expect to see an even tighter integration in version 4. Anyone with a Huddle account can use Huddle’s API so what are you waiting for? We’ll cover all cool integrations on our blog and newsletter.

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