If you work in local government and don’t already use Huddle, here’s another compelling reason to do so. This customer case study describes how Devon County Council is innovating through Huddle to support its Troubled Families Program.

This UK council covers most of the county area of Devon, and is one of the U.K. county councils rolling out the Targeted Family Support initiative. This allocates central government funding for councils like Devon to work with troubled families; families struggling with youth crime, antisocial behaviour and poor attendance at school and unemployment.

Collaboration was essential to coordinate a multi-agency response between the Council and third-parties. This includes the NHS, Police, Probation Service, community and voluntary section, Job Centre Plus as well as other agencies and partners. Before using Huddle, the Council found it difficult to share information across agencies: few partners had secure email and were therefore unwilling to share confidential data.

Huddle’s pan government accreditation at IL2 quickly overcame this barrier.

Huddle places all the work associated with the Troubled Families Program securely in the cloud. Each of the pilot sites (based on school catchment areas) has its own Huddle workspace, so documents can be uploaded, shared, reviewed, edited and approved collaboratively, quickly and easily.

“People are excited about Huddle locally and we’re confident it will work brilliantly,” says Mark Hammett, Project Manager, Devon County Council. “Central Government and Local Authorities are keen to see how it works, so they can hold Huddle up as an example of the kind of technology needed to support the roll-out of other similar projects.”

Maybe it is time you took a look?

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