Collaborating in the workplace can be a complex affair with so many files, tasks, and interactions to manage.

At Huddle, one of our guiding design principles is simplicity, and today we are excited to unveil two product enhancements to help surface relevant content and activity to you. 

Image and tile view: locate your media files in a snap

Image and tile view

Media files such as images or videos are inherently visual, and as such, are often not easily identified by their file name. With today’s release, we’re introducing a beautiful, simple, and fast interface to view your media documents in Huddle. By toggling the “tile view” in your file list, documents will appear with a thumbnail preview of images and videos, allowing you to easily locate the latest version of that design to share with your colleagues. Toggling back to the old format is as simple as clicking the list view button.

Like a newly-waxed Ferrari, there’s also some serious power under the hood of this beauty. Our engineers have implemented intelligent features to make sure these files load quickly and elegantly as your scroll down the page, removing the need for multiple pages that would disrupt your file selection process.

Our own Creative Director, Lallo Lemos, could not be more excited about this feature, proclaiming that it has super-charged his productivity. He also loves that you can hover the mouse over a tile to view the file type, all while maintaining each of the original action buttons. So whether you work for a media agency, marketing department, or just collaborate on any form of visual media, “tile view” is going to simplify your life.

Dashboard beta: out with the old, in the with new

Dashboard beta


The Huddle dashboard is your entry point to the product, launching you into your workflow. We felt that content displayed during the first experience of your session should alert you to the most important updates and help you understand your immediate action items. We’ve listened to your feedback and with today’s update, have streamlined the dashboard layout to ensure that only meaningful information is displayed.

Here is a quick list of notable improvements:

  • Notifications are surfaced at the top and now paginate
  • Profile pictures give a personal touch to Activity and Notification streams
  • File type icons have been added to Approvals and Locked Files
  • Approvals are no longer duplicated under Tasks
  • Your actions are no longer shown under Notifications
  • “What’s New” has been renamed to “Activity”

When you log in, you’ll immediately be made aware of pending deadlines, files awaiting your approval, and user activity that’s relevant to you. The clean design aesthetic makes the dashboard a simple page to navigate, complimenting the other beautiful attributes of Huddle that our users have come to expect and love.

Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping the latest version of the dashboard, but this feature is still in beta and so we would love to hear more of your comments. On the My Dashboard page, you’ll find a banner at the top with a link to send us your thoughts.

At Huddle, we strongly feel that a phenomenal user experience is critically important, on par with having a robust feature set and best-of-breed security. Look for more updates coming soon that demonstrate this ethos, but for now, give the new Huddle a try and let us know what you think!

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