Huddle was designed specifically for businesses and enterprises to help employees work better together – from small teams to enterprise size.

Here at Huddle, we deal with many of the same challenges businesses are faced with. Like many of you, collaborative work is not just about sending files back and forth; it’s part of an orchestrated plan of creating, reviewing, commenting and approving work within teams and within organizations –even if those teams are located thousands of miles apart. For example, this blog post required approval by our communications team to ensure I didn’t misspell anything. Huddle’s approval process helps us move projects like these through multiple checkpoints. And it just got better. Now Huddle’s new approval interface and workflow makes it easier for your teams to work together on content that drives your business goals.

Here’s what’s new and improved:

  • You can preview Excel documents directly within Huddle
  • We built a new “approvals” interface so you can quickly assess content creation progress
  • We’ve moved approval notifications above the “file preview” area for easier viewing
  • We’ve made it easier to approve documents and leave feedback
  • You can now move or delete multiple files at the same time on the file list page
  • You can easily view contact details by simply mousing over a Huddle username
  • We’ve streamlined the workflow for uploading or sharing new versions of files

Review the release notes for a complete list of updates this month to find out how Huddle can make your teams work more efficiently.

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