Today, we launched our content collaboration SaaS offering for the US government with a very loud bang…or rather band. Yes, the Huddle marching band is finally back by popular demand!

Striking up the band

As you may already be aware, we certainly haven’t been shy about taking on the big boys and going head-to-head with SharePoint in the past. And this is exactly what we did when we took our Huddle marching band to the tech dinosaur’s conferencein Anaheim.  This time, at FOSE 2013 in Washington DC, the Huddle team had plenty to make a song and dance about. And what better way to celebrate than with an 80-piece marching band?

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So what are we celebrating, exactly?

Well, this year has proven to be a phenomenal year for cloud in the government, as the public sector finally seems to be accelerating its adoption, and, for Huddle, this financial year has proven to be full of milestones for our work in government:

  1. Our cloud content collaboration SaaS offering for US government has officially launched, and you can download Huddle for US Government iOS apps right now. The offering is comprised of:
  • Secure and audited sharing of content with full version control and tracking
  • External collaboration to enable cross-agency and departmental team working
  • Dedicated US government mobile apps for the iPad and iPhone
  • Intelligent delivery of content using patent-pending recommendation technology to overcome inefficient search
  • Integration with SharePoint and email to move content collaboration out of legacy environments

For government organizations, legacy technology, such as SharePoint, has long hindered them from getting their job done. With no way to work securely across the firewall with departments, agencies, external contractors, and partners, and no way to support mobile teams, SharePoint doesn’t support today’s workforce. Now US government organizations have the opportunity to use Huddle, which transforms the way they work, and to join 80% of central UK government departments, including the Cabinet Office and Defra, who use Huddle every day.

2.  Our last financial year proved to be a record year for Huddle, in terms of public sector contracts secured worldwide. The company increased the number of deals secured with public sector organizations by more than a quarter (26%) year on year, with new customers including the Commonwealth Secretariat, European Commission, U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Florida Senate.

3.  Latest figures reveal that Huddle is now the most successful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) supplier on the UK government’s G-Cloud Framework , securing 16% of the 128 SaaS contracts to date and almost a quarter (23%) of total SaaS spend.

So all in all, now seems like a fantastic time to make some noise at the biggest and most comprehensive government technology event in the US. With the UK government following in the footsteps of its US counterpart, announcing a “Cloud First” strategy and contracts already secured with the likes of NASA, we continue to be the trailblazer in government cloud technology worldwide, it looks like this year is set to be another record breaker. Stay tuned…

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