Remember, remember the month of Movember,

When dodgy tashes truly are hot,

It seems the trend at Huddle HQ,

Has really affected this lot….

11 days into the charity challenge and in many cases there isn’t a lot to report, however even the merest of hint of hair on the upper lip seems to have turned us all into B list celebrities:

What is Movember?

Well, its all about raising awareness for men’s health issues, in particular prostate cancer. It was an idea some years back to try and give some light to one of the biggest, but not often talked about, killers of men in the western world, and has spawned an annual extravaganza of the moustache.

Beyond this serious and extremely important side of Movember, lies the innate and inherent need for boys to be boys, and banter to be banter. Here at Huddle HQ things are no different with the boys (and girls) being boys, all of course with a healthy dose of banter.

Final results may (or may not) appear here in due course. Either way, much fun will have been had and some good money raised for The Prostate Cancer Charity by the Mo’bros and Mo’sistas at Huddle and extended friends and family! To donate and support Huddle Movember visit our donation page at:

Thanks to everyone, and happy grooming!

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