STEAK, the international digital marketing agency, has a tagline that reads “Digital. Well done”. Thanks to Huddle, that tag could equally read “Collaboration. Well done”. In this Huddle case study, we show how Huddle puts sizzle into STEAK’s content collaboration, helping the firm’s New York office to collaborate with clients on nationwide campaigns.

In today’s dynamic, digital work, agencies like STEAK need to be agile, know the roadmap, work night and day with clients in a confidential environment, share large assets, and stay on top of rapid-fire changes to project tasks. Huddle brings all of this to the table: a single Huddle account can be used to create multiple, branded client extranets. Or to get geographically dispersed teams and freelancers to work together cohesively on a project or a pitch.

Huddle is a natural fit for agencies that want to improve client service and win more business.

STEAK knows this. The New York office works with national clients such as Canon, U.S. Bank, and Toyota to deliver highly efficient digital campaigns that drive both revenue and brand awareness. The agency needed an online platform where it could share campaigns documents securely with clients.

“Our objective was to facilitate better communication within the team and with clients,” said Mark Schwartz, Managing Director, STEAK. “We chose Huddle because their tool and support matched our own commitment to collaboration and transparency.”

Keeping track of campaigns and projects at all times

Huddle enables STEAK to easily keep track of project progress and ensures campaign deliverables are met on time and under budget. Huddle has helped staff share reports and files with clients and in turn clients can provide the team with reference documents and additional brand and press materials.

“We use Huddle’s task feature to help organize who is working on what and to keep track of all the elements of a campaign or project. This saves managers from having to remind the team all the time. The notifications also help keep people aware of important items,” explains Marios Alexandrou, STEAK’s Director of SEO.

Huddle provides a cloud-based secure platform with a secure online log in, so clients can access content from anywhere on any device. STEAK is able to set up a separate workspace for each client to keep confidential content separate and secure. Each person involved in a digital campaign is invited into the workspace by the manager, whether they are from the internal team, a client or from one of STEAK’s international offices.

“With Huddle, we know everything is in one place rather than scattered across several local drives. We can see everything together and know that’s what everyone else is seeing. This ensures we are on the same page as our clients when it comes to campaign planning,” says Alexandrou.

STEAK joins an armada of agencies that have embraced Huddle. They all benefit from keeping clients informed at all times about the status of projects and campaigns; they are all able to quickly pull all the information and the team together for a pitch or project to win more business. And they all have more time to innovate and be creative.


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