As spring arrived it was time for another Huddle ‘ompulsory fun day (or rather evening) out. This time, the intrepid Huddle team took to the track for a spot of horse racing. Well actually we just went to watch, and lose money.

In fact, not everyone lost money. Some of the team actually came away with a small profit. Whether that was luck or skill is debatable. Does picking the best sounding name count as skill? I would guess not. Some of the better names included Lord of the Reins, Desert Strike and Advertise (a favourite for the Huddle marketing team).

As we arrived at Kempton Park, the first race had just finished (we got held up in London traffic, but it was a good sightseeing opportunity). Thoughts soon turned to food and drink; as is usual with the Huddle team. It wasn’t quite the champagne and strawberries of Ascot; but an arguably better combo of fish ‘n’ chips and beer.

With the second race about to begin we made our way to the main stand to make our bets. This was the first time horse racing for most, so it was exciting to be next to the finish as the horses crossed the line under the floodlights.

When the sun had gone in, it quickly got cold so many of the breaks between races where spent inside, huddling around the small tables. Some of the team decided to visit the paddocks, providing a full report for the rest of us. We decided that whichever looked the strongest was probably the best.

As the final race entered the final straight, we cheered our horses until our voices were horse! (Sorry, had to get one horse pun in).

It was all in all a good day out.

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