I’m very proud that Huddle has been selected (for the second year running) to represent UK web innovation abroad on the UKTI sponsored Web Mission.

Last year we travelled alongside great companies such as WAYN, Skimbit, Rummble, Mydeo and Hubdub and spent an intensive week in San Francisco receiving mentoring, giving presentations and networking our behinds off. It was there that I first met with the guys from LinkedIn and planted the seeds for the deal that we announced in October. We were selected as one of two alumni companies (alongside Trampoline) and I hope that we can provide some guidance and support for firms visiting the Valley for the first time.

In addition, Alastair will be speaking at Web 2.0 Expo on the topic of why sales shouldn’t be a dirty word in Web 2.0 so feel free to come along and heckle. I’ll be at the back handing out rotten fruit.

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