We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be exhibiting and speaking at this year’s Excellence in Central Government conference, on the 19th & 20th February in South Croydon, London.

The conference, hosted by Oscar Krane, will see over 100 senior decision makers from ministerial departments come together to explore the changing relationship between central government and the public and private sectors. Attendees will learn more about the digital tools and techniques which are being used to transform their organisations, and enhance efficiencies across their departments.

The event will feature presentations from the Cabinet Office, Scottish Government, HM Revenue & Customers and Ministry of Defence to name but a few. Huddle will also be speaking at the event, where we will share insights around how we’ve helped streamline collaboration and multi-agency working between government and public sector organisations.

Huddle showcasing cloud collaboration at Excellence in Central Government

Huddle is the most trusted document collaboration and file sharing solution across UK Government and Public Sector organisations. When sharing and managing documents, coordinating multi-agency projects, or working with external partners, UK Government and public sector organisations use Huddle to reduce risk and improve efficiency.

  • Replaces insecure file sharing tools and offers a simple to use way to manage multi-agency collaboration.
  • Meets Official Government Security Classifications.
  • A more secure way to share, manage and publish documents across internal teams, and with external partners (including private sector partners).
  • Keep users synchronised to the latest version, lock documents, manage approvals and keep track of document activity from your desktop and mobile devices.
  • Available on the G-Cloud Marketplace.

 Why join us? 

If you are planning to attend the Excellence in Central Government event and would like to book some time with us, simply register for a demo here, and we’ll arrange a time to suit you. 

For further information, contact anne-marie.lavelle@huddle.com

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