I’m very proud to announce that Huddle has hit the top spot in Startups.co.uk’s Startups 100 list. The list is “a countdown to the UK’s most innovative, inspiring and ground-breaking companies” and the Huddle team is delighted that the company has made it to number one!

So, what convinced the Startups.co.uk team that we should have this place? Editor Sara Rizk gives us her thoughts below:

“Huddle was an obvious choice to top this year’s Startups 100 list. In just a few years, Alastair and Andy have created a market-leading brand with global reach. Huddle’s users range from blue-chips firms to start-ups, as well as national, and local public sector organisations – Disney, Panasonic, the NHS and the Liberal Democrats to name just a few. What these two entrepreneurs have achieved, supported by an enthusiastic, fast-growing team, is proof that world-beating technology companies are not the preserve of Silicon Valley. We’re incredibly proud to have them heading up our list of the UK’s most innovative and dynamic new businesses and look forward to watching their continued journey towards world domination.”

It’s been a very exciting year so far for Huddle. Here are just some of the recent milestones:

There is more exciting news to come this year, so watch this space!

18 May 2010: Huddle secured $10.2 million Series B funding and opened its office in San Francisco. Andy re-located to lead the U.S. team.

11 June 2010: Lesley Young, former Senior Director of MySQL World-Wide Volume Sales at Oracle and VP Corporate Sales World-Wide at MYSQL prior to the company’s acquisition, was appointed Huddle’s VP North American Sales at Huddle

16 June 2010: Huddle added its BlackBerry app to the company’s mobile offering

29 June 2010: The Belgium FPS Social Security used Huddle to prepare for the Belgium Presidency of the Council of the European Union

20 July 2010: The Liberal Democrats and Huddle team up to bring online collaboration to government

There is more exciting news to come this year, so watch this space!

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