At Huddle, we’ve always insisted that, while email is a great communication tool, it is a terrible collaboration tool. If you’ve ever tried to get feedback on a document or presentation from teams across your entire organization, you’ll be familiar with the pain of emails going back and forth, clogging up your inbox!

For enterprises and workers alike, keeping track of all the data and feedback, surrounding content that is stored on corporate email systems can be a logistical nightmare. The wealth of knowledge locked in users’ inboxes or being shared outside of a company’s email exchange also poses a huge challenge when it comes to pulling together information for compliance and auditing purposes. How many document repositories, inboxes and knowledge gate keepers are currently in your organization?

However, regardless of how many companies and articles insist that email is on its deathbed, I believe that email is going to be around for a while yet. It’s engrained in businesses worldwide and is second nature for people. But, that’s not to say the way people share information and work together can’t be significantly improved and companies can’t have a single version of the truth.

Today, our new email best in class collaboration features aim to do that and more. Firstly, by integrating Huddle with VMware Zimbra®, we’re providing enterprises with a viable alternative to Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange. Email attachments can be easily saved in relevant Huddle workspaces and address book contacts and recipients can be invited to collaborate securely in Huddle. By connecting the two technologies, we’re enabling users to collaborate intelligently, providing a great user experience and empowering people to move away from legacy ICT systems.

Secondly, Huddle’s own email integration enables users to respond to Huddle content notifications via any email client and ensure that their comments will be directly added to the relevant whiteboard, discussion, file or task. This gives enterprises full visibility of who has read, updated, downloaded and discussed a document rather than a fragmented view of the content within the organization.

The functionality is optimized to provide ubiquitous access across all popular mobile devices, desktop and web email clients. It will even strip out email signatures from the messages automatically for clarity.

In your enterprise, knowledge is an extremely valuable asset. By unlocking it from people’s inbox’s and giving the business a full view of the conversations around content, we’re making it even easier for people to share and work together, while ensuring your data is stored in one secure central hub. 


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