Over the past ten years, Huddle has steadily grown a large customer base within UK Central Government and beyond, with local government organisations and NHS institutions adopting our proven, cloud-based solution for their collaboration needs.

One of the many reasons we have such a strong legacy within the public sector is because we are constantly engaging with, listening to and learning from our customers, ensuring that we are always delivering the best service possible. On May 19th we hosted the first Public Sector Huddle User Group, or “HUG”, here at our new offices in Aldgate Tower.

The aim of the user group was to allow both current and future customers an insight into our strategy and roadmap, to hear from some current clients on how they are using Huddle to overcome challenges within their own organisations, as well as meet some of our product teams via interactive breakout sessions.

With a range of customers from all four corners of the UK and a wealth of experience in the room, the event was a resounding success. Stories were exchanged, knowledge was shared and working relationships were built. Feedback was particularly enthusiastic around the Huddle User Experience (UX) sessions, getting to meet the teams and understanding more about the future of Huddle, whilst also being able to give their own opinions and shape the direction of the product.

Events such as these are hugely valuable, not only for our clients who are able to see how we deliver and what our strategy is, but also for us; there is nothing more powerful than hearing directly from our customers about what we need to be doing more of and what we need to be concentrating on.

If you are interested in attending our next session, be you commercial or public sector, US or EMEA, then please do contact us – we look forward to seeing you there.

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