When it comes to collaborating on documents, most people resort to email. Chances are you’ve experienced the frustrations of trying to find the correct version of the document in your inbox, or, because email doesn’t maintain a single version of a document for everyone to access, you discover that a colleague has been working on a separate copy of the document and you end up with two conflicting versions.

However, there’s a simple solution. Unlike email, Huddle maintains a single version of the document for everyone, ensuring that you and your team are always working on the latest version. You can also lock the document you’re currently working on to prevent others from making edits. 



Your Huddle profile picture lets others see who has the document locked, and once you’re finished making your edits, you simply unlock the document to allow others to make their changes.

If you’re creating documents that you want to share with your team - guidelines or an annual report perhaps - you can also leave your document locked to deter others in the workspace from making unsanctioned changes.

Find out more about locking documents in Huddle Help: How to lock a document

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