Whether you’re aware of it or not, the cloud is ubiquitous in our social lives. Every time you update your Facebook status, tweet your Twitter followers or upload photos to Flickr, you’re using the cloud. In our work lives, it’s been a different story. While someindividuals and teams may have ventured to cloud services to get their jobs done, legacy systems have continued to dominate the enterprise.

Today, we’ve unveiled our Connected Desktop experience, which will transform the working experience for everyone by making it simpler, more productive and more collaborative. Our mission is to take the enterprise cloud to the next level – make its adoption universal across the workplace.

The cloud has now become your computer – this is where everything is stored and worked on by teams regardless of their location. No more corporate network, no more VPN, and no more clunky PC towers. With our Connected Desktop experience, you just need a thin device that can access the internet. Everyone who needs to work on content is securely connected to the files and people they need to work with and there is a seamless experience across all devices – laptop, PC, smartphone and tablet.

The office of the future is no longer a physical environment – with a desk, chair and workstation tied to the network – it’s a secure virtual environment that is accessible from anywhere via whatever device people wish to use. User productivity has now moved away from the traditional PC-era of individuals working in silos to true team collaboration, using the power of cloud, mobile, social and desktop, regardless of a worker’s location and device.

The Huddle Connected Desktop experience brings together five new capabilities:

Seamless interaction with files in the cloud

Huddle for Windows and Huddle for Mac remove the need for files to be saved locally, enabling secure external collaboration and users to edit any document directly from the cloud with their favourite desktop application.  All content, regardless of the application it is edited in, is automatically saved into Huddle’s secure cloud. If you’re an engineer using AutoCAD and you need to make changes to your files, we support you. You can open, lock, edit and save files as quickly and effortlessly as you can from “My Documents” and there’s also a read-only option.

If you lose connectivity while working on your files, you can continue working offline and the latest file version is uploaded into Huddle as soon as you’re back online.

Huddle for Outlook takes information out of inboxes

Thanks to Huddle for Outlook, you’ll no longer waste time searching through your inbox for attachments and feedback on documents from your colleagues. In just a few clicks, all attachments and related email threads are moved out of your inbox and saved into Huddle’s secure cloud.

All the emails that have gone back and forth about a file are recorded as a series of comments against it in Huddle. You can instantly see who has said what and when and all information is recorded, searchable and audited.

Huddle Drive places all file storage in the cloud

Huddle Drive moves all storage to Huddle’s secure cloud.  The enterprise-grade virtual drive provides access to office workers’ Huddle workspaces, files and folders and combines enterprise-grade security with an intuitive, easy to use interface. Workers can browse folders as easily as if they were stored locally and all actions are audited in Huddle.

Huddle Viewer enables all pictures and videos to be viewed in the cloud

With Huddle Viewer images and videos can now be immediately previewed in Huddle’s secure cloud as quickly and simply as they can in “My Pictures”. You can easily locate the latest version of a media file and share it with colleagues and now you can also stream video content directly in Huddle.

Huddle Dashboard consolidates all business activity into one activity stream

Huddle Dashboard shows users their business activity stream and all the people they are working with in one central place. Office workers gain instant visibility of all activity and projects relevant to them across their workspaces. Files for approval, notifications, comments, tasks and actions are immediately flagged and teams can easily see what progress has been made across projects.

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