Just in case you haven’t heard, it’s been snowing in London. Pretty heavily. With the London buses out of action and trains canceled or delayed, some Huddle folk opted for working from home.

For us it’s easy – we have Huddle. All of our business files are stored online rather than on a remote server and our email is also online. As long as you have access to a PC connected to the internet, you can work from anywhere. We supplemented Huddle with Skype, Jabber and Twitter; we haven’t missed out on any office chatter. It’s amazing how many new feature ideas one has when working remotely and testing their products full potential.

It’s suggested that today’s weather conditions will cause a 20 per cent reduction in productivity resulting in £900m loss. At Huddle.net, if anything, our productivity has increased. The time we usually spend travelling to the office was invested in catching up with emails and clearing our inboxes.

Meanwhile, our colleagues who made it to the office…

That’s one thing you cannot do when working remotely– build a snowman.

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